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Judy Kennedy​

Author, Speaker, Pastor



Judy Kennedy serves as Co-Pastor of Mustang Creek Community Church in Forney,TX.   She and her husband Robert have spent 34 of their 37 years of marriage in ministry.   A gifted communicator, Judy’s credibility comes from her life experiences.  An amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness and a true example of overcoming power, her life is full of truth lived out. 

Her history includes perseverance through devastating challenges which she insists developed in her God’s purpose.  Growing up in a seriously dysfunctional home, experiencing abuse in difficult relationships, suffering the loss of a child and enduring complicated health issues, she has discovered God’s ability to take the difficult things in life and use them for His glory. 

Along with an anointed international speaking ministry, Judy is an exceptional writer.   She currently offers parenting and marriage enrichment advice as a columnist, “Just Judy”. She enjoys blogging. vlogging and writing for a local magazine.   She has authored 4 books: “Holy Crap”/ “Divine Dysfunction”,  “Who Washed the Sky” , “It’s Just Judy” and “Chasing Legacy”.

Her simple presentation of truth is covered with a passionate anointing and an abundant amount of joy.  



"Sometimes, the greatest heartaches are the sharpest tools for creating the greatest masterpieces." - Holy Crap


Exciting News!  Judy executed a contract with Trilogy Publishing TBN on August 22, 2018. They will be releasing "Holy Crap" shortly before Christmas making the books available in Barnes & Noble, Amazon etc. and in E-book format! 

Stay tuned for more information on all the upcoming opportunities! 



I have known Judy for many years. As a ministers wife I was drawn to her. She was also a ministers wife, but she was so real, and I had to get to know her. With Judy what you see is what you get...I love that about her. She has spoke for us many times when we were pastoring, and brought a word from God everytime..One minute she will have you laughing and the next crying. She has been through a lot of junk, but has come through all of it shining brighter than ever. What more can I say, other than I love this woman, and I know you will too.      - RITA DUBOSE, DALLAS, TX


"If a merry heart does the soul good like medicine - then Judy Kennedy is God's Prescription!"  


From her vantage point, life experience has enabled Judy to become effective in writing, teaching and in speaking.  She brings with her years of proficiency in ministry covering an assortment of topics.


  • Joyful Life

  • Redemption/Hope

  • Destiny/Purpose

  • Biblical Restoration

  • Marriage Enrichment

  • Parenting Skills and Development

  • Ministers Wives/Pastoring

  • Team Building/ Personalities

  • Grief Healing and Restoration

  • Spiritual Healing and Recovery

  • Overcoming Stress and Depression

  • Function/Dysfunction

  • Biblical Life Principles




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